That has been one abjective you could do at the notes. Another is your own manual or document. The manual, hints, or other record has to be a certain size so that it doesn't get in the way or make a issue. Suggestions for writing in this is pking tips, market prices(not to waste time), How many of a specific object for a skill, ect. There can be many others you need to find them;-RRB- This could be somewhat short but report anything you think needs touching up to me and recall be a modest curtious... please.

Supplying gifts [link widoczny dla zalogowanych Użytkowników] the old fashioned way is so... old-fashioned. Here is a fresh idea... Santa was about to go out on his current delivering spree, but he forgot his own hat! After coming back outside he found that some mischevious elves had burnt his sleigh! Needing a quick way to get presents about, he had an idea. He requested all his evles and dwarves* when they had a fantastic idea. And one dwarf happended to have a Dwarf-Multi-Cannon on him...

Santa wants dwarves to operate the machines. Where- South of Falador near the Crafting Guild at which the Easter'07 event was. There'll be a Elve waiting waiting for you with a minatre sleigh for you to Santa's home. Santa! What happened to your sleigh? Some pesky elves burnt it down! How are you going to deliver all the presents? I have a notion. My frined here can help us.

I have my Dwarven Multi Cannon on me, and I think I will modify it to take presents around the world to all of the nice people, and irrigation to the naughty men and women. Would you wish to help? Option 1: Yes! I want my gifts! Ok, you need these products. Where in RuneScape am I going to find those? My workshop has all those items. And outback is the reindeer pen. I.. . ACTUALLY GET TO GO IN YOUR WORKSHOP? It's true, you truly get to go in my workshop. And if you don't hurry [link widoczny dla zalogowanych Użytkowników] there will be no Christmas!