There is a possibility to [link widoczny dla zalogowanych Użytkowników] create Female MyPlayer who is a unique player with the unique career-related story. 2K Sports could write a story about a female college basketball player is selected for the WNBA. A second MyCareer story could keep the game in the spotlight for longer since there's an array of content to the viewers.

2K Sports could use this strategy to develop their story telling. 2K Sports tend to be uninformed about the story's plot as well as the primary themes. A WNBA story can explore a wide range of concepts without becoming condescending or preached at.

You can tell the tale of female athletes who have overcome challenges, but not make it seem snarky or fake. This is an everyday story for female athletes. Animations - The gameplay is solid when playing NBA 2K games. It's fun, but it can also be an actual challenge if you choose the right difficulty level. 2K has been affected by glitches and broken animations for several years. The issue has been present since at least 3 years and broken animations could make the game extremely difficult to play.

The majority of the problems occur in the defensive part of the court. Steals are a crapshoot in NBA 2K as there is very high likelihood that the ball will disappear invisibility. When the ball is invisible, it is impossible to take it away from the AI. This creates a game that is unfair because AI-controlled teams do not have to worry about these problems. I would like to see a group of 2K Sports developers takes time to address these problems. I'm sure these mistakes will be corrected and improve the quality of the game.

Shot Contests The Shot Contests NBA 2K20 introduced a new shot contest system that was based on different criteria to previous years. Last year's contest shot system was an adversarial system. It was difficult for defenses to stop the attackers. The current contest system is based on the defense's proximity to [link widoczny dla zalogowanych Użytkowników] the attacking player.